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We're investing in the future by supporting startups at the forefront of sustainability innovation.

We're investing in the future by supporting startups at the forefront of sustainability innovation. Focusing on the early stages of development, including angel, pre-seed, and seed rounds, we empower entrepreneurs who are making a real difference in building a sustainable world.

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How we invest

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Tech for equity

Access more than capital. Fast track your startup journey by accessing technology talent and expertise. Tap into our 14+ years' experience in building and launching digital products to create a custom digital product that helps you reach your goals. Focus on business operations while we take care of your tech. It is our job to make your product succeed.

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Capital investment

We back globally ambitious & impact-aware founders in their journey towards using technology for the greater good. As angel investors, we also invest money in a limited number of startups, where there is a great match.

BoostEat George Dragnea

"The collaboration with RebelVentures' tech team resulted in an 8.12% conversion rate for our online ordering app.The team had an innovative design approach and used the latest design tools and technologies.”

George Dragnea
CTO at BoostEat
Sergiu Biris Eventmix.live

I used to work with an internal team, but it's hard to keep an in-house team as a startup. I decided to look for an external team that could handle the technology side.

RebelDot's ability to adapt to unexpected changes and problem-solve quickly made it possible to onboard a new client smoothly.

Sergiu Biris
Founder, Eventmix
Karolin Kruiskamp

"I'm impressed by the code quality, and I'm very proud of the code review results. The platform is well-documented and neatly encoded."

Karolin Kruiskamp
CEO, Compleye
Mark Wesselink VentureRock

"RebelVentures and their product teams play a crucial role in building compliant, solid software infrastructure for our ventures. This partnership enables Venturerock to transform venture capital into a more inclusive model, ensuring value distribution to all involved parties."

Marc Wesselink
Co-Founder, VentureRock
BoostEat George Dragnea
Sergiu Biris Eventmix.live
Karolin Kruiskamp
Mark Wesselink VentureRock

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